Marty McFly Fieri @whimsical turd 2020 presidential candidates R Just a big bag of cash with a dollar sign written on the side D Same but the bag has a Coexist sticker on it 8718 837 AM theholleywoodsigns dullxdreams theholleywoodsigns No absolutely not knock this shit off This is how “I can’t vote for Hilary Clinton she’s the same as Donald trump” happened and look where that got us Yes political parties are bad Yes democrats are not as good as they say they are Get rid of both of them but get rid of the republicans first jfc stop being so fucking stupid “get rid of them both but republicans first” like it makes a difference? I don’t know about you but if my choice was the party of alexandria ocasio-cortez or mitch fucking mcconnell you better Fucking Believe It makes a difference Dumbass Meme

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