Marvel 1 hr MARVE Cosplayers gathered for photos at Katsucon's Marvel meet-up! View the gallery on Marvelcom httpbitly2CAoC9P Cosplay at Katsucon Black Panther Captain America Wasp and more joined us for the Marvel meet-up NEWS MARVELCOM Like Commert Share Fat black panther and a dora milaje with hair Going for full authenticity huh? Like Reply 1h He and Fat Spiderman should work out together Like Reply 1h I would so watch a fat avengers vs the treacherous obeastity Like Reply-1h Thicc Black Panther actually does work out and even if he didn't it wouldn't matter and I'm specifically cosplaying #Nakia who has hair & is wearing the #DoraMilaje armor for defense purposes but isn't a Dora as shown in the film I carry the staff for help walking because I am disabled Cosplay isn't only about authenticity but having fun with your friends regardless of how you look Like Reply 27m It was a joke This is the internet My opinion or words should mean nothing to you because I do not know you or anything about you Sorry you actually spent time explaining yourself You don't need to Like Reply 24m I know it's the internet don't worry your opinions & words are indeed meaningless I don't comment to explain I comment to spread positivity When I see dirt I plant a flower in it Obviously the dirt doesn't care about the flower and I don't care about the dirt but a nice person may pass by see the flower and smile Have a blessed day! Like Reply Write a reply <p>Bodied by a Thick Body via rBlackPeopleTwitter<p> Meme

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