Marvel cinematic universe viewing order MARVEL Cinematic Universe MOVIES In the order they should be watched TV SHOWS Captain America The First Avenger Marvel's Agent Carter S1 Iron Man Incredible Hulk Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S1 E1-7 Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S1 E8-15 Iron Marvel's The Avengers Man Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S1 E16-22 -10 12 Marvels Agents of SHIELD S2 E1-19 Thor The Dark World 13 Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel's Daredevil S* 15 Captain America Winter Soldier 16 1 Avengers Age of Ultron 18 Ant-Man 19 Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S2 E20-22 Let's be honest this one is toally skippable so feed free to slot it in where you want A Nethik Original Daredevil can be watched anytime atongside Agents $2 Dut before Age or Ultron laughoutloud-club Marvel Cinematic Universe Meme

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