maskulla @MakVest I work at a bank and this lady came in with a $150000 check and to make conversation I was like 'oh wow I wish I had one of these then she deadass was like it's a life insurance check I would rather have the person clockworkmachineking the-howling-storm skinoutqueen shaylahatesyou nessaaageee arandomthot Making conversation can be tougher than it seems This one time at work I was training someone and the system froze so I decided to have some small talk and I asked her if she had any kids or anything she was older and she started crying She asked me if it was cool if she went to take a walk to get some air and I told her okay because I mean what was I supposed to say? Anyways she came back clearly still upset and told me that her husband left her for one of her daughters After that I kept all my conversations strictly work related πŸ‘€ Bitch whet Meme

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