Mass man charged with painting swastika Photo by NASHUA POLICE 20 of Lowell Mass NASHUA - Authorities allege Massachusetts home in June to paint a swastika and the phrase National Socialist Legion at Nashua High School North 20 drove from his Lowell oregonpipeline keyhollow oregonpipeline libertarirynn internetdumpsterfires Absolute specimen of genetic superiority drives across state lines to deface a highschool with Nazi symbols Why do so many neo-Nazis… Look like this? Beautiful bigots and ugly saints exist Attacking a guy over his looks when there is literally everything else about him that’s fair game and doesn’t make you look like a tool? Not a great look This guy drove across state lines to terrorize children with racist imagery that’s probably plenty to go after Okay but he’s still ugly af Yeah but he isn’t a bigot because he’s ugly That’s a connection I can see coming we already do it with loner white boys and school shootings That’s been going since Columbine now Please show me where I said he’s a bigot because he’s ugly I beg you to point out a single instance where I said anything remotely like that Meme

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