MASS MURDERS DO NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE BAD PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO GUNS THEY ARE THE RESULT OF GOOD PEOPLE BEING DENIED THEABILITY AND RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE IN PUBLIC PLACES As we mourn the loss of more young lives in a mass shooting the debates have already begun Gun control more security the 2nd Amendment school funding mental health etc The answer is right in front of us but it requires personal action and personal responsibility Two things that many Americans have become unaccustomed to exercising It doesn't cost a dime to repeal gun free zone laws Schools churches movie theaters night clubs malls etc are ALREADY full of people who can defend themselves and others - IF ONLY THEY WERE ALLOWED TO DO SO When we stop looking for laws to prevent evil When we stop looking to others to provide our protection Only then will we begin to accept our responsibilities as individuals and exercise our rights as Americans You don't need to hire armed guards when you already have dozens of responsible adults whose mission in life is to protect and educate kids They just need the means to do so in ANY given situation Teachers coaches and administrators have given their lives in the past to protect kids in these situations Surely they would defend children just as vigorously if they had more to fight back with than just using their bodies as a shield The answer is NOT more expense more security or turning schools into locked down prisons It is as simple as giving Americans back their right to self defense and reintroducing Americans to the concept of personal responsibility Jon Britton aka Doubletap Meme

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