mathed-potatoes Yesterday I went to dinner to catch up with my buddy from the math department and he told me this story about how he ran the city marathon in 2 hours 59 minutes That's an amazing time He was 19th out of thousands He was doing pretty well for the first half but then his ankle started to hurt He slowed down for a bit but then this girl he passed before passed him and he started overthinking whether or not it was awkward to pass the same person multiple times and like what if they small-talked about it? He decided it was better to pass her and stay ahead so he picked up the pace A few miles later he fell in with two dude- bros who started talking to him Not pleased to find himself in the company of dude-bros he pulled ahead once again This continued for a while every time he got closed to a group of other marathoners his social anxiety kicked in and he ran faster because he felt nervous being near people TLDR A mathematician ran an record marathon to avoid making small-talk with randos He introverted his way into qualifying for the Boston marathon Source mathed-potatoes An interesting title🤔 Meme

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