Matt O @Matt_Olszewski Girls I know you need pads tampons and toothbrushes or whatever but can you put that in a separate store so Us Bros don't have to see em? 121415 603 PM retro-taemin azuranightsong ironwoman359 mynamesemmy queen-of-ancapistan thefingerfuckingfemalefury puddletumbles yellowpillowcase beigency itsstuckyinmyhead greythegryphon masculinityissofragile YES LADIES PLEASE DONT BUY THINGS YOU NEED FOR NORMAL BODILY FUNCTIONS AROUND US GUYS Am I the only one distressed that he included toothbrushes on this list? i didn’t reblog this before but this got better so ppl know I’m so relieved that he wasn’t serious and I’m sure his dentist is too dude I’ve seen this post a thousand times and I NEVER saw the last bit and I am so shook #justiceformatt I’ve never seen this version before Well good for Matt then Matt our true feminist ally Meme

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