maura quint @behindyourback maura quint@behindyourback 13h v One time a guy and I had flirted he invited me to his room I went we kissed I said I liked it he took off his clothes I touched him he tried to take off my clothes I resisted he said seems like you're not into this I said ehhh he said no it's only fun if you want it I want to tell a story Once in high school I felt insecure I put on a tight top too low cut and dark lip stick I didn't usually wear I went to a party drank terrible wine coolers too many of them A man asked me if I wanted to leave I slurred said maybe He said mavbe? 733 PM-28 Sep 18 459 8068 maura quint@behindyourback 13h v I said l'm sorry he said it's ok I left unmolested I was lucky I hadn't met a rapist that night 419 8872 maura quint@behindyourback 13h And then he said maybe isn't yes and I went home that night un-assaulted because l hadn't talked to a rapist at that party 15t745 132K maura quint@behindyourback 13h v l've been assaulted I've also been not assaulted The difference didn't seem to be what I was wearing how flirty I was how much I was drinking The only difference seemed to be whether or not the men felt it was ok or not to assault maura quint@behindyourback 13h v Another storyI went out drinking with girl friends at a bar a few years later I was flirting with a guy there he grabbed my hand pulled me outside into an alley he kissed me hard and then looked at me and said yes? I didn't say anything 274 6408 439K 4 394 6368 0 maura quint@behindyourback 13h v He said go back inside then maybe he was annoyed but he meant it I went back inside There wasn't a rapist at that bar t 435 9323 The real nice guys Meme

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