MAX IM A KOOPA@meakoopa 2h oh sorry if we are being unfair unfortunately u guys murdered all the nice gays & now there's just us the assholes Josh Barro @jbarro I think this is unfair It is not weird to oppose gay marriage and also be horrified by the murder of gay people twittercomguycecilstatu 13 48 102 MAX IM A KOOPA@meakoopa 2h the queers who were nicepatientgentle all got shot or bullied to death all that's leftr me & the other pissed-off cockroach motherfuckers View conversation 2324雙80 systlin systlin rocketmermaid systlin fieldbears tattoo this on my flesh I literally had a friend say this the other day while having dinner with him and his husband “Listen” He said “I served in the military 10 years in the army and had to keep my mouth shut and pretend I had to pretend to everyone until I just got sick of it and decided fuck you all I haven’t been nice in years Everyone saying I should shut up can kiss my ass” If people wanted nice gay people they should have been nicer to them IF PEOPLE WANTED NICE GAY PEOPLE THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN NICER TO THEM Oh wow I forgot about this I need to tell Ron he’s Tumblr famous now Ron says to tell all the pissed off cockroach motherfuckers that he and his husband Ryl are now your Angry Gay Dads Meme

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