Mayor of Venice says ANYONE who shouts Allahu Akbar' in his city will be shot by snipers M wwwmirrorcouk Cops in Venice have been ordered to take no risks and fire on suspected terrorists Image The Image Bank Venice's right-wing mayor has ordered cops to shoot ANYONE who shouts 'Allahu Akbar' - rather than risk a terror attack The phrase in Arabic for 'God is greatest' has been shouted in multiple terrorist incidents across the continent but is more commonly harmlessly used by Muslims during prayers as a reminder of God's significance in their lives The Times reports that mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro has reportedly decided its an unacceptable phrase to be shouted in the city's St Marks Square Conservative America SupportOurTroops American Gun Constitution Politics TrumpTrain President Jobs Capitalism Military MikePence TeaParty Republican Mattis TrumpPence Guns AmericaFirst USA Political DonaldTrump Freedom Liberty Veteran Patriot Prolife Government PresidentTrump Partners @conservative_panda @reasonoveremotion @conservativeamerican @too_savage_for_democrats @conservativenation1776 @keepamericausa -------------------- Contact me ●Email- RaisedRightAlwaysRight@gmailcom ●KIK- @Raised_Right_ ●Send me letters! Raised Right 5753 Hwy 85 North 2486 Crestview Fl 32536 Meme

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