Me I don't have enough time to do anything productive Theodore Roosevelt attempted to reform one continued to spar ecreationally during his po itical of America's most corrupt police wrote about police departments 18 books career remains the youngest person established many new national to become President of the parks forests and monuments United States achieved the rank of posthumously awarded the 3rd Brown in Judo Medal of Honor volunteered to lead an infantry unit in World War I read both German and French very well frequently had black guests to dinner and sometimes invited them to sleep over 33rd governo of New York generally ranked as one scaled the as one of the five best presidents3 Matterhorn admonished those who refused to respect Japanese immigrants as uncivilized regularly took midnight rambles to make sure officers were walking their beats 25th vice president Survived an began construction of the of the United States Assassination Attempt Panama Canal 26th p His successful efforts to broker the end of the Russo-Japanese War won him the 1906 Nobel the United States Peace Prize Roosevelt was the biggest Chad of them all Meme

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