ME MAY 8 2018 HOMESTEAD FLORIDA Unpicked tomatoes rot in the fields as a combination of Trump's crackdown on migrant workers and his broken pro nises on trade wreak havoc on American agriculture HOW IS THIS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAN? BUSTED OCCUPY DEMOCRATS Source Jason Glaser La Isla Network This meme from Occupy Democrats is bizarre as the reason for these tomatoes rotting has nothing to do with Trump’s policies In fact this would bolster Trump’s rhetoric -There is little to nothing in the current news about rotting tomatoes in Florida but ironically there were in the prior two winters before the Trump presidency began It seems to be a reoccurring problem in recent years and precedes Trump -There are many reasons for crops to be left unharvested and wasted like this Disease bad weather insects and legal violations are some natural and common reasons Some of these have plagued Florida tomato farmers in recent years but it’s not the primary reason for this meme -Due primarily to increases in Mexican production though also from California and Arizona the price of tomatoes has declined substantially in recent years For many Florida farmers the price declined so much that it became more expensive for them to bring the tomatoes to market than they could sell them for So it made no business sense to harvest them and the product was left in the field to rot -This particular picture comes from a small activist group called La Isla Network which is noted on the bottom of the meme In the comments of the picture the man who posted it explains this was due to cheap Mexican imports and the results of NAFTA screenshot posted in the comments -Basically this fits right in with Trump’s economic narrative That Americans are being hurt by trade policies and we need tariffs or other measures to protect American workers and businesses If OD is upset that it’s a result of “Trump’s broken promises on trade” they are in essence saying they wish Trump’s trade policies could take effect! -It’s the editorial position of this page that this isn’t an issue the government should be involved in and both Trump and OD are wrong If Mexico can produce cheaper tomatoes so be it American consumers benefit from the lower prices we don’t need the government to enact barriers to raise the price of our food If Florida farmers can’t compete they need to grow different crops convince people to pay higher prices at local farmer’s markets or the land should be utilized for other means It’s been shown time and time again in economics that interfering in free trade results in a net loss to all countries httpswwwpalmbeachpostcombusinessexclusive-farms-leave-produce-rot-fields-crop-prices-plummetQloOnGlEff02JwTCzDR5GI httpswwwnaplesnewscomstorymoneybusiness20160908after-rotten-year-florida-tomato-growers-hope-better-one89783120 Meme

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