memyself 4 points 1 hour ago CricketNiche Subs like that convince me that most men are actually gay They apparently hate vaginas like everything about them How they look taste smell even feel! They constantly hate women's actual bodies the parts that make us sexually mature aka ready for sex They must all be gay because they only have love for each other They fucking abhor women and women's disgusting bodies but constantly stick up for their brothers radcassandraXX Porn is hate speech score hidden 43 minutes ago I read a quote the other day and I'm totally blanking but it's basically that Men like having sex with women and tolerate us and humor us as objects to pacify to use but men love other men The qualities that should be tied to love - admiration and respect and idolization - their mentors and people they actually love are other men People agreeing wholeheartedly that most men are actually gay Meme

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