Me oh oops I almost drank my paint water Imao The pretentious man writing my life this is what drove him crazy about her her wildness her insanity One moment she was peaceful the artist in her nest - the next she dived into chaos dined on it challenged it Just when he thought he understood her she moved to again rewrite her definition always unknowable always glittering like the ocean hinting at a story yet untold laughing at a joke not meant for him her eyes twinkling with secrets and humor and the otherworldly feminine She was surrounded by color loved it so much she tried to pour it inside of her tried to poison herself with it tried to paint even her organs He wanted to kiss her to entangle that art into his own skin - but the moment was passed She was again order peace The chaos ceased He didn't even get to touch her boobies Source inkskinned Drinking Paint Water Meme

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