Me talking about the entire Bionicle Lore My crush actually being into it that wasn't part of my pl her father Huzzah! A man of quality! Is it possible to learn this power? me bserve my friend being rejected because of my advice Redditors realising that this is a crossover meme Wait This is beyond illegal eople Who Me I'm in danger Me thinking that this meme could get me 20 Karma 560 0168 14563 099 012% 1286 2286 156 L0287 stonks W 01204 234 01902 NA When I realize that this meme is too long to be enjoyable Reality is often disapperhting then I realize some neonle smila it will make at least I see this as an absolute win! People who read this whole meme visible confusion aret Is this meme too long? by that_martist MORE MEMES Meme

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