mechabonald> the eucharist is cool <areyousurebruv> i think i need to problematize that <areyousurebruv> it's just a bunch of wtf <mechabonald> not just a bunch of wtf <areyousurebruv> and it's not even supposed to be a part of the religion <areyousurebruv> in the church <hades> you should've told me before that is ist like a real religion - it's just arn organized bullshit <areyousurebruv> it's supposed to be a shit religion <hades> but you cant believe in real religion because it is a shit <areyousurebruv> and also because this is supposed to be a Christian church <mechabonald> we have one <hades> yes its a shit religion but it is NOT a christian church <hades> thats why we don't believe in it like christians do <mechabonald> because christianity has always been and always will be about taking control over life <hades> i think if they went a different route this would have worked better <hades> we could've been like christ This is what happens when you feed script-bots Catholic apologetics Meme

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