mellenabrave gaayboobs elderkin-loser bramblepatch stay-myheartbeatsforlove jin-hikari sodomymcscurvylegs cloudfreed onawhirlwind princessofpop “Pokémom” Britney omg why this is the birthday party she just threw for her kids i am FASCINATED by how Britney is so supportive and excited about their interest in Pokemon even though I have absolutely no doubt she is utterly confused by Pokemon Honestly Britney Spears seems like an excellent mom I remember her taking pre-algebra classes to understand her sons’ homework I mean this is amazing and total momgoals but why tf would you assume Britney doesn’t know Pokemon? She was a teenager in the 90s Did y’all forget… that she has a song… on the album for the first Pokémon Movie… Bruh one of her music videos is literally anime and she’s stated that she also likes anime Britney is our weeb pop queen and yall should be ashamed for assuming anything else Meme

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