melswag69dontkillbirds+ 40849IC dontkillbirds adiogrimshaw upnbanan littleartemis adiogrimshaw ten inch dick aka longer than my forearm i know there are some writers who follow me please take note I believe the average is 6 inches? The longest is 14 an he suffers dizziness when he gets a boner and even though he's heterosexual he can only have sex with men or anally with women as his cock can't fit in a vagina So writers take note iesus h christ I once had a boyfriend who was quite well-endowed and that was some painful annoying shit right there especially with a selfish dude who didn't really think about thatblamed me for being tiny what the fuck The average vagina is 3-4 inches deep though some women may have a depth of 6-7 inches Of course a lady's Sarlaac Pit is designed to accomodate rather large things That does not however mean that it is comfortable or fun to have those large things in your hermetically-sealed shame basket not to mention have it ramming repeatedly against your cervix Ow fucking ow Contrary to popular belief bigger is NOT ALWAYS BETTER A rectum can be between 5-7 inches deep A pliable dildo could push past that taking that sharp curve into the large intestine if you're patient and flexible and you have a lot of lube at your disposal And you don't mind things being in your INTESTINES oh my God A hard dick however that isn't so bendy would be another story entirely So if you're shooting for realistic sex and your bottom isn't into pain you may want to reconsider giving your top anything over 7-8 inches of dick 10+ inches might sound awesome but like Communism for most people at least it's better in theory than it is in practice This very NSFW and TMI-imbued post brought to you by all the fucks I do not give Oh and if anyone accuses me of kink shaming I will find you and I will skin you ive learned a lot today omg i think the last of my innocence just got killed reading this hu mun Dicksomg-humortumblrcom Meme

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