MEM A EOS canon Canon EOS yaboybergara wearewatcher WATCHER LOG 002Shane here! With that January 10th launch around the corner we’re gonna be sharing lil bits that we’ve been keeping secret for the past few months So here’s a photo of Ryan on the day we bought our first few pieces of gear at a local camera shop Minutes earlier when we actually checked out at the register we were both filled with a palpable mix of excitement and completely unjustified dread as this was the moment we started spending actual money on a thing that had thus far existed exclusively in our three brains and in Steven’s weird graph paper notebooks that he loves so muchYou’re likely thinking “But Ryan doesn’t look nervous at all here!” And you’re right Why? They gave us a free hat with the camera that’s why Worries evaporate when you get a free hat and with a renewed sense of creative enthusiasm I asked Ryan to pose like a cinematographer showing off his sick new haul He looks kinda gassy but otherwise dude nailed itAnyway if you haven’t yet swing by youtubecomwatcher link in bio and peep the channel trailer And subscribe if you haven’t yet No harm in that If you already have? Hey thanks Uh what else? Reduce reuse recycle Don’t litter Support your local library Alright Plenty left for us to do before launch so it’s about time I hit the dusty trail Til next time Watchers! -Shane BONUS Meme

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