memewhore A Boston woman dressed as a sloth was one of the first eliminated on 'The Bachelor I'mnot sure if this is a surprise to anyone but for the record I'm still single Alex Dillon wore a sloth costume on the season premiere of The Bachelor-ABCCraig Sjoding ABCRick Rowel sassy-echidna Aka men on the bachelor have no taste rainbow-quartz-hates-terfs I don't know what generic ass white man they had on but she was too good for him anyway florapatite no but you don't get it the reason for the sloth costume is that the bachelors big thing about him is he's a virgin i know it's ridiculous so she comes out of this god damn limo slowly flailing about and goes heeeeeellllooooooo i heeeeeaaaaard yoooooou liiiiike tooooo taaaaaake iiiiit sloooooooooo0oooooow and it was the best thing i've ever seen on the bachelor and he definitely didnt deserve her Meme

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