Mensn Windows XP Collecting information Surfing the Internet safe fast and flexible Dynamic Update Windows XP includes the most secure version of Internet Explorer to date Many new features help enhance the security and privacy of information that you send and receive over the Internet while simplifying the daily tasks that you perform New innovative browser capabilities--such as a pop-up blocker the ability to control plug-ins and more--let you experience the Web exactly the way that you want Preparing installation Installing Windows Finalizing installation Setup will complete in approximately 34 minutes Installing Devices OKEMON WORD AN SHIELD Gateway Pause Break Scroil Ins Del F10 F12 F11 F8 F9 F7 F6 F5 F4 F2 F3 F1 Esc & k Backspace $ # Home 9 8 8 0 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 P U Y T R PgUp E W Tab G H J K L S D F PgDn A Enter Caps Lock End z X C V B N M 合Shift 合Shift Ctri Alt Alt Ctrl bentrinog MOBLE TOHNOLOGY Ceg wndws XP t O > Can someone please help me identify this computer for sure? I need to find drivers It's model number is MA1 It's a Gateway Laptop I hope someone recognizes this hardware I recieved an IDE hard drive from my generous coworker to play around with this machine Thanks in advance Meme

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