Meowshi -6 points 4 hours ago Doesn't she know how dangerous this is? Your average Japanese katana has been folded over one thousand times and is capable of cutting through solid steel krunji 3 points 2 hours ago Relax She's isn't licking the edged side Meowshi -1 points 1 hour ago When it comes to a blade as dangerous as the Japanese B or katana every side is the edged side uvtime 1 point 1 hour ago It's a movie prop Meowshi 0 points 1 hour ago No It is a mortally dangerous instrument created by the finest warriors ever to storm the shores of glorious Nippon krunji 1 point 52 minutes ago Firstly the back of the sword isn't sharpened Secondly one can run one's fingers and tongue along the unsharpened portion without fear of getting cut not sure why I must spell this out for you And thirdly as someone pointed out it is a movie prop which means that both sides are probably unsharpened and it wasnt made to cutslash as the sword will break The only thing you have to fear is the tip which she isn't licking Meowshi 0 points 22 minutes ago I don't mean to sound disrespectful but as a practitioner of the ancient Japanese way of the warrior or Bushido I think I know a little bit more about how traditional Japanese swords are forged than you While it is true that my hands may not have perfected the art of metallurgy they are more than experienced when it comes to the fine art of spilling blood While you were out getting laid I was studying the blade Meme

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