meqabitch BAKOAN @BAKKOOONN 3h if anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity that would be great too does a famous actor give good christmas presents does lady comedian alwyays smoke people out 11585 3012 616 Mara Get Rid of the Na 11m Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman let me stay with them when my mom was in the hospital for cancer surgeries darkampharos Wait weren't they her shitty parents in Matilda? ficklesunfries Yep! It was right after filming it actually What's even better is that Maras mother LOVED the book Matilda She loved it so much that she got her daughter the part however she died before she got to see it Or so Mara thought Apparently just a few weeks before she died Danny Devito went in to the hospital with a rough first edit of the movie and got to let her watch it before she passed Who wants another reason to love Danny DeVito? via rwholesomememes httpsifttt2zcS8Dz Meme

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