MetroPCS 1133 American Pitbull Diagram White Iris-Allows it to see it's prey in the dark Pointed ears symbolize the Devil Back muscles Aid in thrashing motion to tear off baby's limbs Jaws-Locks with it's strong bite to ensure your death Tail Helps keep it's balance when it scales trees to break into your child's bedroom Wide gullet For swallowing children whole Claws-Great for digging holes to bury your bones in Strong hind legs-All the easier to maul your face with SINGLE STIAN 4GAINST know your enemy it could save your life BULLS Christian Single Moms Against Pitbulls with HotrodandPetal Oxentine and 11 others MAY 11 2018 233 317 Comments Like Comment Share SHH V Facebook group posted this Wow Meme

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