Metzger PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY HANS GRANHEIM ike most men I struggle feminazi re-education program instead of ced- ing to my genetic makeup and behaving like with my primal self It's genetic Put in Freudian t great seducer Don Juan I'm not boasting terms the battle between here but there are times when I've given the my id and my superego can be epic And in the age especially in the days of internet dating of #metoo the dilemma legendary womanizer a run for his money But I'm here to discuss beer One spe- has grown The pendulum has swung too farcific type of beer cask ale Since cask ale is One aggressive move and a man's career can its best in the United Kingdom our journey derail I feel the walls closing around me my room to move shrinking My instincts to England immediately jumping a train to bed every woman I see are reducing fro athetown of Whitley Bay Located ten miles king-sized mattress to a cot the size of which northeast of Newcastle Whitley Bay was a I only remember from a tour in Iraq Today's jewel which I could see even in the emerg- rules put men like me in the equivalent of a was to Scotland We started in Newcastle See Los Testigos p 9 Meme

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