@mewtailv2 My sociology professor keeps an alphabetic list of new slang terms he learns from students and I will never get over it ation 2 Dictionary Format Tools Add-ons Help Asacos tion 2 Dictionary sis Exclamation of disbelietuniversal nickname slaps Of high quality slay Do really well High key Very obvious hipget hip Adopt a new ren smacks A tasty treat periodt See facts Pull upcome thru An invitation snack Aperson who looks good Hop off Mind your own business I'm dead That was amusing Stay up You will be ok Put someone on The αα of getng someone on a rend Rashing To maks fun of someone sus Suspicious shady Take the L Willingly making a sacrifioe jams An old enjoyable song teaspill the tea gossip jawn Thing object person placeealspil the tea possi That ain't it Unacceptable- I do not approve Low key Not obvious Real one Valid person-someane you trust LO Run that To take to start Secured the bag Money recee Mad madBig mad Very mad No cap am seriousno liefor real Meme

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