Mexico Whites that speak German Buffer DIAMONDS Definitely still the Indian Ocean DIAMONDS messworthem Fronenal Old army bases Canada SAse Jacob Zumtona Should have annexed this one Abandoned towns Malema? Lephalale Why did we want this again? DIAMONDS Ghost mining towns Sand El MORE PLATINUM 80% OF THE WORLD'S PLATINUM MINERS MINES linsert White fight COLD DEAD MINERS MONEY 1990 POVERTY Tobaccoteracy Mpumahlenhenangehlenga The North WEFFst KKK vileetrok yscrapers DavDActual Growth Ermelo Gauteng 20 SASOL 20 Dutch town Tswana Amerfon thmerdam AIDS Nature OIL Suk in 1560IDSPetrol EARTHQUAKE Lion Thorn City South Africa but empty don't worry just take a shower Missionaries Gol don't worry just use canyenBushmen?Nothing What is a job More Asians What do they do here? Posh English Orange Farm Statend for safety of coursel Posh Enelish town names KwaZuma-Natality Huge ga No landmarks depression Scandelous UR RIVER Afrikaner town Jacob Zuma shaka's grave BEACHES Mountains? Bielefeld Afrikaans-speaking blacks Griquas The forgotten capiv Do people esev stn live here? Afrikaans coloureds<-> Afrikaans whites Unemployment lacob Zuma's children Volkstaat uring DOMESTIC Bushmen? rte Petrol stops Lesotho? Aliwal North ehon Man Deles SNOW Fourth world Del SNOW! resort YAWN Nelson Mandela was also here Xhosas old towns MadibaXhosas Anti-ANC forcefield Mozambique? Transkak DM AFRIKAANs POVERTY The Mandela Cape Our crap ocean Sheep #MustFall Nehon was herTownships Desert 1820 erOur better ocean glish-speaking coloureds Universities Poor Capital DA Better Cape Wine BAD AFRIKAANS AFRIKAANS INTERNATIONAL TOURISMAlcatraz CARS Volkswagen Cote d'Azur Wine GOOD ENGLISH Honeymoons battle Second hom De foct national copitol Not including Bloemfontein Retirement homes Israel made us do it! Cape SHARKS! Fruit map by bezzleford land-of-maps Stereotypes in South Africa OC 1984 x 1496CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS! Meme

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