Michael Grant When I see my kids deal with school I really feel justified in dropping out myself They come home depressed angry and exhausted And these are good schools some of the best And still there is something profoundly wrong with the way they work That's not a knock on teachers the teachers are the least of the problem The regimentation the testing obsession the college application pressure the dragging kids out of bed at 7 AM high school kids working 10 hour days by the time they're done with homework the fact that there isn't even any minimal co-ordination on homework to keep teachers from all piling on at once It's deeply fucked up Its wrong Things are much worse today than they were when Katherine and I were kids Many days we feel sick to our stomachs dropping our kids off at school I feel I'm betraying them And when they come home at the end of another day of enduring this asinine soul-crushing system I feel like I should hand them a drink I'd sure as hell be having one Let me put it this way I get paid to do what I do and I control my own schedule and I use cigars caffeine and alcohol to take the edge off a work day that is shorter and easier than what my kids endure I don't do half the work Jake does You want to know why kids use drugs? We're driving them to it that's why And we're doing it for reasons of status for bullshit credentialing for the sake of posturing politicians and reckless stupid adults Unlike Comment Share 12 hours ago allhailthemightyglowingcloud dukeofbookingham thepandanni xbreezepleeze goneseriesblog kotten-not-cotton Thank you Michael Grant for understanding Guys can we get this to 1500? this man summed up everything i’ve been thinking for years I used to go to a school where the principal purposely made sure we were assigned more homework than normal so that we would be “learning” instead of “on the streets acting like hooligans” And they wonder why that entire city is known for their drug addicted rich kids This is so fucking important “10 hour days” no Its usually more All 4 years of highschool I got up at 530am to catch the school bus at 6 get to school at 7 school started at 730 ended at like 230pm wouldn’t get home till 4 or later homework took sometimes hours upon hours sometimes until midnight or later plus you have to figure in eating and this is all with NO social interaction AT ALL Its a fucked system Dont miss it at all and feel bad for kids still there Meme

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