@Michael1979 Wanted Computer Hacker Hi I am Michael and I am pretty sure that the bakery across the street charged me for 8 croissants yesterday even though I only bought 7 To avenge this injustice I need someone to help me hack into the bakery's computer and transfer the cost of a croissant from their account to mine If you are good at technology be outside the bakery at 518pm with a computer and we can carry out my plan Here is what it will involve o We will be dressed as bakers so that people don't get suspicious I will bring a spare baker's hat just in case you don't have your own If anyone asks us what we're doing just say We own a rival bakery called Full Speed Abread and we are ju checking out the competition I have memorised the Wikipedia page on bread so if they ask any detailed questions about bread leave it to me If they ask any questions about bread that I can't answer I will shout RUN That will be the signal that our cover has been blown and we need to get out of there If you do this job right and reimburse me for the croissant I will see to it that you are rewarded I will NOT pay you in money because that would leave a money trail that the police could use to track us down However since you are so interested in computers I will pay you in floppy disks like be coming your way There are plenty more where the one below And don't worry that's not the only floppy disk that will that came from Michael Re Bakery Hack Hi Michael again from the poster above I have just remembered that I only have one baker's hat so you will need to bring your own Hopefully this is not a problem If it isI could possibly borrow the protective headgear from my uncle's beekeeper's suit and you could wear that instead? ow this is not ideal but it will have to do Michael Wanted Computer Hacker Meme

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