Michal @Miexrii After working on it for years last night l think I finally cracked the secret to the High School Musical canon It's a split timeline BMG SCOOL MUSICAL TIMELINE HIGH HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL MUSICALMUSICAL Original Trilogy establishes Troy Bolton graduates high school TROY GOES TO COLLEGE TROY DOESN'T GO TO COLLEGE TROY GETS THROWN INTO AN INTERDIMENSIONAL TIME VORTEX DWAYNE JOHNSON ACEFRON Troy gets into weed Troy gets into ecstasy ROGEN EFRON GREATESTS SHOWMAN Troy goes back to his Troy gets a summer job to support his pregnant gf theater kid roots 0 Troy learns from Seth Rogan teaches Troy how to hit a bongSharpay and favors synthetic beats 17 AGAIN Troy starts toying with immortality and learns to manipulate time Troy ends racism Troy ends sexism Society collapses Troy moves to Thneedville with Danny DeVito Meme

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