Microsoft Circa 2010 from the Windows UxDesign Guide Don't use notifications for feature advertisements! Instead use another way to make the feature discoverable such as Design the feature to be easier to discover in contexts where it is needed Don't do anything special and let users discover the feature on their own Incorrect Take a tour of windows XP To learn about the exciting new features in XP now click here To take the tour later click All Programs on the Start menu and then click Accessories Don't use notifications for feature advertisements Microsoft Now OneDrive is running Add files to your OneDrive to have the most up-to-date copies wherever you go 1148 PM 4282015 管ill q Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome Based on Google's benchmark Switch V 809p Earn more with Microsoft Edge The faster way to get free rewards Learn more Chrome is draining your battery X faster Switch to Microsoft Edge for up to 32% more browsing time Monday The evolution of UX Meme

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