MILIOHAIRE MENTOR F*CK CONFORMING Stop conforming! Be unreasonable and life an amazing LIFE! I don’t know why exactly but we as we grow up we all start getting into our own head way too much We analyze everything from every angle and we don’t take nearly enough risks Too much thinking not enough balls I mean… remember when you were a kid When you had an idea even if it wild crazy and might get you in trouble… you’d just go for it You saw a cool-looking tree and you wanted to climb it? 2 minutes later you’d be hanging from the top your friends looking up in awe Then you’d realize that “holy shit this is pretty high” But you were already up there so you’d just figure it out And somehow you’d come out of it in piece one piece with a smile on your face And that’s why childhood was so damn fun! - Time and time again Sometimes it happens to me and I’m sure it happens to you too… We have an idea we get excited we even start working on it and then somehow we lose focus doubt ourselves and give up on it Sounds familiar?🤔 Let’s be real here We all do it On a daily micro-level and on a broader life strategy-level But I want to use this moment of clarity to remind you and everyone else who is reading this short post to wake the f*ck up! - You’re welcome! - life risk success millionairementor Meme

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