Millenial women are completely unmarriageable >terrible attitudes >don't have the psychological ability to admit fault or take responsibility for anything want all the privileges of being 157 KB JPG career man with none of the responsible >intentionally did not learn how to cook only know how to use microwave >have zero ability to rear a child would raise it communist will divorce you instantly after marriage >take more than half your shit and the kids and laugh about it and date a douche >don't have the ability to think critically because men were not allowed to talk back to them >believe they are an oppressed class >are actually the privileged class more women go to college than men >only play around in their teens and twenties leading men on knowing full well they aren't going to commit >don't try to settle down until they when it is already too late >don't see any value in men or males Think men are worthless and should grovel at their feet calls men's rights a sexist idea >if they are not attracted to a man instantly are 30 years old activate bitch mode >there's just something wrong with millenial women I don't want to marry them they are unmarriageable Anon doesn’t like millennial women Meme

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