Millennials Are Out- Reading Older Generations But younger Americans value library services less than more senior cohorts study finds terrakion decrystallize witchtimez onlyblackgirl m4ge m4ge m4ge m4ge This came up on my facebook feed and I am so excited to see how generation Xers and Baby Boomers will find a way to use this to shit on millenials anyways nice okay we’re off to a good start oh boy do i have something to tell you about millennials working and debt that’s gonna absolutely blow your socks off banksy’s family found this article Why old people so mad It’s funny because millennials can pretty much multitask like it’s second nature simply because it’s necessary to keep up with society while baby boomers whine about reading subtitles and can’t seem to program anything more complicated than a VCR But sure ok the kids are lazy and have entitlement complexes Older Generations -Make comics about kids not knowing how books work- Millenials -Read more books than anyone else- Older Generations …no we changed our minds reading a lot is lazy and entitled now “laughfulable” Meme

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