MILLIONAIRE MENTOR ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD Living in the past is something many of us do at least occasionally Sometimes it’s heartwarming to reminisce about the past and talk about joyous memories However periods where thinking about the past in a negative way in a way that distracts you from the present and keeps you from moving forward is never beneficial In life you must keep looking ahead of yourself not behind you You must move forward looking upward as if you were a rock climber You don’t look down or back because you know this will only trigger fear and uncertainty This will paralyze you So each and every day you remind yourself never to look back and second guess your life because there is no way to turn back Each day you remind yourself that the present moment is all you have and in that moment you have the ability to make changes You stay focused on what it is you want out of life not what it is you don’t have currently You know that change will be hard but you also know change can bring great joy Just like a rock climber moving forward and upward takes strength and determination but in time it get easier because you’ll be stronger Although it may be hard at first to never look back you know in time you will get stronger and it will get easier - alwaysforward success millionairementor Meme

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