MILLIONAIRE MENTOR DO WHAT'S RIGHT NOT WHAT'S EASY Are leaders born or made? So how do you know if you’re a true leader? In your business Here are some questions to ask yourself ✔️When faced with a problem do you react or respond to it? True leaders in the business world are considered first responders to a problem They are the picture of reason and calm knowing that any other reaction when faced with strife or dissension would cloud their judgment ✔️Do you surround yourself with other leaders within your team? True leaders hire outside of their comfort zone They abandon their need for control by making sure it does not disturb the process and protocol of allowing talented people to shine alongside them ✔️If someone excels do you acknowledge or recognize their efforts? A true leader is comfortable and at ease and realizes that acknowledging someone else’s efforts takes nothing away from their abilities Quite the contrary compliments are bountiful for having been able to source such great talent - So are you a true leader or not?🤔Comment below!👇 - millionairementor Meme

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