minS I just heard someone call Pusheen she and felt my soul leave my body in shock Pusheen is friend-gendered thanks for coming to my TED Talk Edit this is very clearly a joke I don't actually care what gender the cartoon cat might be Like Comment Share and 3 others Not trying to be a dick but is a she The original comic strip series used characters modeled after her owners Belton and Duff Also included was their dog named Care and Pusheen a female chubby gray tabby cat based on Belton's cat that now lives with her parents in Oregon Pusheen's name comes from the word puisín which means kitten in Irish Pusheen Simple English Wikipedia the free httpssimplemwikipediaorg wiki P About this result Feedback 44 m Like Reply i oh wow from the Pusheen website itself Pusheen the cat About The book Pusheen the Cof Categories Newest posts Popler poss Holiday OI Twitter Instagram Shop Facebook 37 m Like Reply Meme

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