miri @ltsMiri Follow not all heroes wear capes or clothing NEWS University student strips down for her theSIS presentation after a professor told her her shorts were 'too short' The Cornell University student stripped in protest because a teacher said she was 'drawing male gaze' eimagining the Host Country tionship etans and India ntry virgilphanders lyinginbedmon smallswingshoes gahdamnpunk Her tuition so damn high she can wear whatever tf she wants Spite goals Her name is Letitia Chai she is Korean and her presentation was “Acting in Public Performance in Everyday Life” Her demonstration drew two dozen supporters She was wearing a modest shirt and some cut-off shorts which we can’t see in the images here because they’re mostly hidden by her laptop exacerbating the need for retort against her professor’s disagreement with them When her professor also asked what Chai’s mother would think of her attire she informed him that she’s a gender and sexuality professor Letitia Chai Chaotic good Meme

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