Miss Shelved @miss_shelved MI Follow White male patron A large BLACK MAN outside was yelling profanities at me and told me to call the police I went outside It was two of my TEENAGE patrons having a heated debate over whether Vibranium or Adamantium was stronger And that is how black boys get shot 901 AM- 1 Dec 2018 25403 Retweets 94924 Likes Miss Shelved @miss_shelved MI Follow Things I will do Ask them to refrain from using profanities -Give them my opinion that obviously Vibranium is stronger Things I won't do Call the police for TEENAGERS acting like teenagers!!! 911 AM-1 Dec 2018 1827 Retweets 20135 Likes hcb thatpettyblackgirl Even IF the boys were cursing at the White man why would the police need to get involved??? The police are supposed to protect and serve not be customer service for White people who need someone to assuage them Meme

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