mitski @mitskileaks 23m if u have a presentation or meeting or just have to go show ur face in public when u feel like utter unpresentable garbage l suggest u go see my tiny desk video where l showed up to NPR to be documented forever looking like a big pulsing void and radiating pain and I still did it 29 13K golgi mcccree realmoths God i so vividly remember being blown away by how she looked in this bc she like had a lot of acne that she hadn’t concealed or anything and as she said she was just radiating pain and clearly well past trying to project any kind of image and she just seemed powerful beyond belief There’s really nothing like women being raw and un-pretty in public man this post SUCKS bc all mitski did was show up at a tiny desks concert with no makeup on and youre realling going to call her “unpretty” and “raw” for not putting any makeup on? “a lot of acne”? she had like two pimples and her skin is near damn flawless like……you can support mitski making the conscious decision to perform without makeup without calling her ugly or raw or whatever for the simple fact of existing without make up this culture of like embracing ugly is so fucked up because people are just using it to call people esp women of color who are literally just existing “un-pretty” but in a woke way Meme

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