mjalti my plan is to jog in a zip code where the average house is $1 million dollarsリog everyday i run into the trophy wives jogging club we jog past each other so often they're forced to interact with me we're friends now i'm invited places i meet other millionaires mern who love me i marry the richest using an alias throughout the first year of marriage i'm moving assets and cash to an off shore bank account i fake my own death on our anniversary he's heartbroken i started jogging in a new million dollar neighborhood i've just made friends with the local jogging crew headed by ashtonlynn and brotyna chichi who has a single millionaire brother eclipticzero Is there any version of this plan where I don't have to jog mjalti u only have to jog past the ladies which is like 46 seconds suck it up for the fraud of it all Source mialti I love scamming Meme

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