Mobilicity * Messages Hey Farha 503 PM zach Details zach what's up my guy Haha just chilling I just wanted to say that I think ur great and it's rare to meet a girl that is funny and beautiful Most brown girls are mean for no reason lol but ur not and I respect that And the fact that u wear a scarf doesn't bother me U there? Haha what? Uhm lol Okay bye thebootydiaries blog2g thebootydiaries supreme-queer-queen thebootydiaries 2sposy4mo thebootydiaries partner-in-memes thebootydiaries a-n-d-a-l-e-e-b thebootydiaries i have known this guy for literally 1 day i hate this This is so fcking rude he’s being nice You are a scumbag yeah dude you were kinda a dick What is your problem? He was genuinely being nice and you had to shut him down like that? Go ahead and keep increasing the gamma saturation It’s not going to change anything don’t bring my grandma into this she old -_- Meme

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