Mom and Dad immediately started turnina the house upside down to look for Manny Neither of them thought to look hear the giant gaping ng hole in the wall that Rodrick's bed made-- I guess they just US didn't want to imagine the possibilities that implied But that was pretty irresponsible of them considering there were footprints in the sand spilling into the basement Oh yeah A pile of sand had poured out of the hole Rodrick didn't look phased but I weht to take a look outside Well that explained why the basement was suddenly so hot Where my neighborhood used to be there was the whitest sand Id ever seen stretchinq out as far as I could tell Sure call t karma for complaining about my neighbors all the time but the only house ever wished would disappear was Fregley's so T don't deserve whatever just happened to me here At least Ill never have to see him again There were some tiny footsteps leading deeper into the desert and though the wind had started to cover them they pointed somewhere A hero would run out there as fast as they could and save his annoying ittle brother I turned around and walked back inside ever wished Wou Wimpstuck Part 13 Meme

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