Mommy's Boy Thinks knifes are low key sexi -Only I get to make fun of my siblings wtf -Always ready to fight - Tries to look scary but is a total softie Allison Hot-Greeves - I want it I got it Has a flawless Instagram The tell me whats really going on friend - Tries to see the good in people Chaotic Gay - i don't care if hes dead there's no excuse for rudeness Love life more tragic than Titanic Everyone just wants him to be okay - Unintentional fashion Icon Im fine The odd one out in any group of people Focuses their loneliness into a creative field Deserves some validation Grampa is that you? -Short but will cut a bitch - Dont talk to me beforei've had my coffee - An old soul - Probably right in most situations Monkey-Man A possible furry The family favorite - Tries to do the right thing but ends up making everything worse masterofpretendingTag yourself im chaotic gay Meme

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