MON AT 750 PM My cousins found out there too and Cousin Because it is? He is taking legal rights away from trans people and they Active 8 hours ago T encourage you to think about why I was suspicious Read your first message again with the context that I have heard nothing from you or your dad since Thanksgiving 2 years ago When I watched him play fb games on Lol support that Because their dad will react the I am sorry you have decided not to see us these holidays I hope that at some point you would like to comunicate with your family again I will miss meeting the little one way your mom did By voting for him No it's not I don't know how much you talk How does that not add up? to your mom I came out as trans You don't know where I'm coming from cuz your account Look I'm sorry for not trustung So MON AT 1158 AM It is not my responsibility to reach out to him I knew he knew after your mom called mine He hasn't tried to say he doesn't agree with your mom Why would I blindly reach out after that? I just For one The popular vote doesn't actually elect the president Hi Uncle Your mom proceeds to trash me I'm scared What I have decided is to protect my emotional well-being during a vulnerable time in my life That's not me And you don't know where I'm coming from No one person knows any other person's true view I don't want to have to fight my entire family And say I'm nasty Why would you believe your mom without talking to me? Can you see how your first message sounds in that context? That I'm I refuse to be bullied by Aunt and simply for being who I am You shouldn't be scared Other in my own home I'm painfully aware of that Cousin Again I am an individual just randomly cutting you all off? I don't assume I know where your coming from Not my mother Families love respect and support each other and I have experienced an incredible outpouring of just that among my friends co-workers and My Partner's extended family They've all gone out of their way to show they're happy for me and adjust their perception of who I am now that I've let the most guarded layer of myself out into the world Fine you're an adult stop acting like a brat and try to have some empathy for someone else I'm in a vulnerable place and have to be careful I tell her you're not welcome here for christmas And get you are here telling me how it is to be trans in America You being her *yet I don't have all the information you have I haven't heard from Not you And you don't have to fight anyone that is always an optipn And voting on a person 3 years ago doesn't mean someone's view hasn't changed Over text you Also I hate technology To her I have not heard from you either That is not how I've been treated by you all After to you unacceptable Aunt ran to gossip and trash-talk me and my marriage to my mom Other outed me Cousin She tells you Have they? I should be scared yo You didn't tell me personally That I said no one is welcome You posted a Facebook post Ask them You should just live your life as You didn't ask me you I would encourage you all to learn more about what being transgender means because there are a lot of misconceptions in our culture about folks like me Not me Yes that's true You didn't check They are killing trans people in the street in texas You said hate crimes dont exist I am in just as hard of a place right You just assumed she was telling you the truth now I'm asking yoi Your parents voted for trump httpspflagorgsitesdefault filesOur%20Trans%20Loved %200nespdf You don't ask That's why I messaged you And when did I say how it is to be They are killing everyone in texas tans in america I'm sorry for not trusting you Tans are no special I know When did I ever say that When you are ready to treat me like a person and part of the family and apologize for rushing to disparage a very difficult and personal decision I've made we can talk about what reconnecting But you can imagine why? I'm trying to explain why That's Show me Just because it is not my body that is sensitive doesn't mean my life isn't hard That I am not to my wit's end of emotion and what I can I reacted that way They are killing them Because they are trans Anything can be a hate crime if you look for iy And my mother said we want to see you in her message I understand why she thought you didn't want to see all of us looks like Explicitly handle You don't ask You don't contact me No I said people are killed for everything pflagorg It's a hate crime pflagorg You assumed I can see what you 1 My saw But you could have asked who you were talking to sent it to me Never said the word hate crime If you want to find a hate crime you can find it anywhere for anything Sister When you My name is decide to talk to me message me I understand why you did It That implies that hate crimes don't exist specifically doesn't mean it wasn't hurtful Do you honestly think if your mom was pretending to be you I could have done that? back This president is literally taking my rights away which is what I told you and you said I had no empathy Your assume and imply alot I know your parents have access to this account You're hurt that I told your mom I didn't want to see her for Christmas Also it has been years since my dad has played games on my Facebook He wasn't two years ago on thanksging your memories are blended And he was playing a So do you MON AT 601 PM I never said didnt No my parents don't I am a grown adult I'm sorry you seem to think otherwise game Not messaging people Looking thought my stuff or anything else Does she know you support me? Yup No I told you I was hurt you couldn't ask if I was me or just respond to me instead of assuming I was Uncle Well atleast we agree on MON AT 621 PM something If he was playing on your account he has your password I myself would like to come see you and your family I am sorry if that doesn't happen because you only get so much family and it sucks to lose some But I also want you to understand that I am my own person I am a 25 year old adult who is almost a doctor who My mother can't work Facebook she is too technologically stupid Yes And she knows my dad does too +t Yes Over 5 years ago I don't! People stare at me and make threatening gestures owns my own house and who has a Facebook not over shadowed by my parents It really hurts for you to think that it would not be me That's why I thought it was your dad So a lot of good that does me I've lived it first hand Haha And I still deserve the benefit of a messaging you Katie has explained that I was miss informed by my mom that you would not see the whole family over Christmas But you didn't even start by telling me that I was invited you just assumed I couldn't be the one who you were communicating with I am sorry if my family has hurt your feelings by my brother being the idiot who said something to my mom about you You can hate my family all you want But I deserve every right like every other human being to be treated as an individual doubt You could have texted me People are killed because they are women because they are men because they are black because they are white because they are short because they have blue eyes Some one in the world will always hate someone else for something and asked me if it was me You didn't tell me There were other ways you could have approached it I'm working with very little info You didn't tell me for that exact I texted My Sister My Sister made it sound like a secret reason If you want to talk politics l'm not the one to talk to I knew you two had a way to talk to each other privately I didn't want to assume your mom knew I am sorry you have experienced that She said we I said you're not welcome her after what you said about me She thought the same thing I did for what that's worth When I showed her your first message Also my dad has had no part in any of this and your message on my account to him does not give him the credit he deserves Maybe you should contact him and actually see how he feels about everything and have a conversation with him Sister gave This isn't politics How does that imply you too? Yes she told me It is my life Do you see where I'm coming from? Im genuinely not trying to cut you specifically out And I am really offended that you think I have no empathy You saying my parents voted for Trump is politics My That was really uncalled for For what it's worth I didn't tell any of my cousins me your number so if you want to talk to me I can text you if that makes you feel better but I wouldn't have thought we had I understand you deserve every right like everyone else I mean you're making this entire thing about you Before telling my parents and the facebook post come to that And your not? It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeeear! TW Arguing over trans rights with trump country Meme

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