Mon @monschleichs Whenever people tailgate me when I'm going 40 in a 35 l always purposely slow down because it's like l gave you an extra 5 and you didn't appreciate it so now you get nothing slowdissolve firebirdeternal thelightofthingshopedfor whitepeopletwitter She has a point There are two situations in which I make extremely sure I’m going precisely at or below the speed limit I see a cop Some asshole is tailgating me This is both spiteful AND practical because you can’t control whether or not they give you a safe following distance for the speed you’re travelling but you CAN reduce the speed you both have to travel having the triple benefit of A increasing the likelihood that they’ll have enough time to stop without rear-ending you B lowering the speed of any possible collision and thus the severity and C Pissing the fucker the fuck off I feel so valid now Meme

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