Mon @monschleichs Whenever people tailgate me when I'm going 40 in a 35 l always purposely slow down because it's like l gave you an extra 5 and you didn't appreciate it so now you get nothing tempestaurora returnsandreturns slowdissolve firebirdeternal thelightofthingshopedfor whitepeopletwitter She has a point There are two situations in which I make extremely sure I’m going precisely at or below the speed limit I see a cop Some asshole is tailgating me This is both spiteful AND practical because you can’t control whether or not they give you a safe following distance for the speed you’re travelling but you CAN reduce the speed you both have to travel having the triple benefit of A increasing the likelihood that they’ll have enough time to stop without rear-ending you B lowering the speed of any possible collision and thus the severity and C Pissing the fucker the fuck off I feel so valid now i live in the south and i also do that anytime there’s a truck with confederate flags behind me gotta do ten under the speed limit because safety my driving instructor told me that you should absolutely be doing this if some asshole is in your boot though because a they shouldn’t be leaving such a small space between you guys anyway and they need to learn better b you should not be going faster than you’re comfortable or faster than the speed limit because someone else is pressuring you and c if you get rear-ended it’s always the person behind’s fault! if they crash into you you will not be blamed! and its them who has to pay out Meme

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