MONDAY MAY 13 2019 20-PAGE SEASON FINALE SPECIAL wwwdallymailcouk FREEINSIDE &WEIGHT WATCH 70p PULLOUT INSIDE LOSE UP TO A STONE BYSUMMER SIMPLE SUPPERS THE NEW TAXWEBGAN TOSAVE HIGH PUL EXCLUSIVE Tesco boss demands 20% business rates cut for struggling shops-funded by a levy on online sales y Matt Oliver and Hugo Duncan NTERNET giants should ay a new sales tax to fund pport for struggling high reet shops the boss of sco demands today ave Lewis warned that the 'unsus nable' business rates system was shing bricks-and-mortar retailers oss the country to breaking point ny shops are hit with crippling bills on r properties while battling competi- from online rivals who pay much less ting in the Mail Mr Lewis called for gh street stores to get a 20 per reduction on their business rates to id for with a 2 per cent levy on online sales His demand comes as a report finds the level of vacant shop units Toetall adorabt eghan cradles rchie 's tootsies Mail's Save Our High Streets cam has called for business rates to be d with a fairer system It has also or large overseas companies to pay nd for euts to car ir share of tax and for cuts to car charges in town centres sses pay rates based on an esti what their property would cost to year Mr Lewis said a 2 per cent SEE PAGE7 ernet sales - which Tesco and3 sinesses could raise £15 billion age 4 brands would also pay on their rates cut at no extra cost to the I work as a paperboy in the UK this made front page of 2 newspapers Meme

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