Monterey Bay Aquarium @MontereyAq We made one We have to reach people where they are for conservation to break through the noise! How do you do fellow kids? This institution tweets did we engage you? ALL NEW AN CHOPPER THURS98 This is a really popular meme right now-maybe it can generate a non-zero amount of ocean awareness! You're devaluing your scientific authority by copping to the latest pop-culture trend! Your brand's relevance comes from your institution's reputation of excellence in marine education and this isn't it! AMERICAN NEXT THURS The ocean is the most relevant topic of discussion every day on a water planet! Using modern communication platforms and their unique languages to remind land-based humanity of the oft-ignored heart of Earth's life-support system IS our brand! bogleechThis is the funniest and most thoughtful I’ve ever seen an organization use a meme and it’s good people with good goals who don’t just want your money on top of it Meme

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